What are your Customers Saying about you?

Customer ServiceI’m sure everyone reading this article understands the importance of client feedback. We all do right? But do you know who your clients are and what they are saying about you? Whether you work as a consultant or work for an operating company like Pfizer or J&J, we all have clients. It’s just that in an operating company your clients are interdepartmental. What does this mean you ask – it means many of the people we work with and request reports from or some other type of deliverables from are actually our clients. So, if you work for an operating company understanding your clients and what is important to them is critical to you. If you take your career seriously then you should also consider how your clients and their feedback can help or hurt your aspiring career objectives.  Guess what – the person in the marketing department is your client, the one in the quality department is your client as are the ones in the engineering and manufacturing departments. Some of you may have heard the comparison to client feedback depicted as an “Ice Berg”. In this perspective one unhappy customer that actually made a complaint represents the tip of the ice burg and twenty five made who made no formal complaints are just below the surface. The problem here is that the social aspect starts to work against you when each of the twenty five unhappy customers who did not place a complaint may tell and average of ten people about their experience then those ten tell and average of five more. RESULTS in Magnifying glass on blue background

Once you understand this concept of interdepartmental clients you can choose to better manage your clients. You can then focus on managing those relationships by fostering a win-win type of framework when negotiating in meetings. What’s the worst thing that can happen? – You may just find people like working with you. Let’s face it – outside of work everyone has a genuine concern for the well being of their friends and neighbors – so don’t let the stress of work prevent you from being genuinely concerned about the well being of your co-workers. We recently received some feedback from one of our clients which I am happy to share with you since we realize how busy people are – especially this time of year. So it is especially pleasing to us when someone takes the time to provide feedback – good or bad – we take it all very seriously.Below is the article:

Mike Bogan and the entire ICQ team provided bioMerieux with exceptional support and council in regards to a large scale validation effort. Their ability to collaborate with the existing validation team, integrate a vast amount of technical knowledge and relative experience, while maintaining a transparent communication plan was critical to the overall success of the project. Their customer support and willingness to do whatever it takes to ensure project deliverables, exceeds all expectations.  ICQ Management was pivotal in defining the overall validation strategy and supplying sufficient resources to support system / utility assessments, PVMPs, URS, DDS, Trace Matrix documents and IOQ documents for multiple manufacturing lines. I would highly recommend Mike Bogan and the ICQ team for any large scale validation effort that directly impacts the compliance profile and success of the business. – Brian Riley; Site Director, Durham Operations & Site Management at bioMerieux.  

This was very nicely written. Thanks so much for sharing this Brian and taking time out of your busy schedule to provide feedback to us so we can continue to focus on serving our clients. Join our network on LinkedIn, choose to follow us, like this and share this on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter so you can see other new and exciting news and discussions being posted by ICQ Consultants.

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