Giving and the Dominoe Effect

Domino pic
Most of us have made lines with dominoes and watched them tip over. And, most of us prefer problems that are easy to understand and fix. The domino effect is universal – a gift we can all give and costs nothing – but the effects can be staggering.
In our daily work life, a domino effect can result in a positive effect where all team members perform in alignment with the purposes and priorities of the company, on a daily, if not a moment by moment basis.
Every team member’s priorities, need to align with a company’s main purpose for successful working relationships, thereby resulting in the accomplishment of a company’s goals. Each domino is a goal and the final domino is the ultimate goal.
As individuals, we alone determine our pathway and journey to reach the final goal. The dominoes along the way are not problems, obstacles, situations or even challenges. They are also goals, albeit smaller goals, we must establish to achieve our final outcome.
Only you, as an individual, can set up your dominoes, make choices, or rearrange your dominoes to forge a new path. Dominoes can always be moved!
Giving produces a domino effect and spreads naturally. Help others feels good – you will not be the same employee a month from now if your intention is to be of service to coworkers every day. Hard situations will turn around and relationships will improve.
We can accomplish this with positive focus, a mindful approach and gratitude. Choosing where to place your dominoes and acknowledging that you alone are responsible for establishing a path to follow or not to follow can lead to empowering enlightenment and an infectious positive spiral. Coworkers will be inspired and motivated by how much control you have over your own life and may realize by your example that they have just as much control over their own lives.
If we step up to our goals along a path with openness and interest while holding on to our final goal in the background, we are able to continue working in the right direction and remain centered – doing a better job at the task at hand and greatly improving the chance for success and satisfaction – while living fully in the moment. It is our individual responsibility to focus on how we choose to set up our dominoes, with the hope we’ll appreciate the journey, the process and the people.
Each domino piece falls in perfect timing with its natural force of energy carrying the impetus. In the end you’ve created a masterpiece of physical science and a sense of achievement that you’ve completed something spectacular for others to enjoy and or benefit. Have a positive effect with those around you. Do something nice for someone. Make positive life choices, take responsibility and work towards a larger shift of feeling better, communicating better and being an effective leader. It’s that simple.
High on a corporation’s responsibility list is the strategic priority of meeting the needs of its employees and customers while maintaining a solid business. By planning for change, developing strategies – including a clear mission and defined business statement, and engaging a highly committed workforce, we can have a direct impact in other areas. Organizations are interconnected systems; relationships are everything. It is the people and their capabilities, individually and collectively, that will determine success.

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