Tracking…A Necessary Evil

puzzlepplProject Management is a corner-stone to successful projects.  Once you have established a course of action and the foundation has been established, the “How do we stay on course and track the progress?” comes into question. Necessary tools need to be added to provide progress at each phase of the project.  Organizing yourself at the infancy of a project sets the ground works for ultimate success.

What are the first steps in developing the tracking tool?  First steps are to develop a detailed plan that lays out the steps.  A schedule is then created to support the project and to help maintain a calendar of events.  The tracking tool then becomes the mechanism that communicates with the schedule and provides updates as to progress.  Essentially, you are providing “Real Time Status” of performance.


ICQ Consultants was pinnacle in developing necessary tracking tools to support a C&Q project which was completed on time and under budget.  Maintaining structure and providing metrics on a weekly basis allowed the client to see progress along the way and determine the cracks in the foundation.  Staying on track with the schedule is imperative for the client and the schedule.

graph chart2

Metrics represent a snap shot of progress on the project.  On a weekly basis, a dashboard is created to show where we should be based on the schedule.  Are we on course?  Where are the loop holes?  How can we bring it back in line with the project?  The ability to point out loop holes and address concerns keeps the project on course.  Tracking might seem like “micro managing” but there is great value to staying the course and delivering the project on time and under budget.

Written By: Liz Ferrao, Consultant


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