The Importance of a Well-Organized VTOP/ETOP

Having organized vendor turn over packages (VTOP) and engineering turn over packages (ETOP) helps many groups when bringing a piece of equipment, skid, or system online. Having a thoroughly documented and planned VTOP/ETOP allows Engineering and Validation to have a smooth transition into commissioning and qualification (C&Q) activities associated with the equipment or system that is being worked on once the engineering phase of the project is7TaK4G8TA completed. It does take a significant amount of time up front with dedicated people to assemble the multitude of VTOPs/ETOPs with the documentation needed, but it is well worth it as it streamlines crossover into validation activities and reduces the number of hold-ups associated with C&Q documentation review. When a VTOP/ETOP is not organized with the correct documentation, then not only do the C&Q efforts get slowed down, but other disciplines can be effected as well, such as metrology and facilities.building-house-computer-people-man-cartoon One way to help this process early on is working from the start with the equipment/skid vendors and manufacturers the equipment is being purchased from and construction companies doing field installation. By working with these groups, the VTOP/ETOP organization and collection can be kept to only the relevant paperwork needed and minimize delays downstream in the process of bringing the equipment/system active in the field. While VTOPs & ETOPs are time intensive, the time saved using accurate and properly prepared documents are well worth it.

Written By: Emilly McMullen, Senior Consultant


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