Congratulations Paul Vitale!


ICQ Consultants is pleased to announce the appointment of Paul Vitale as our new Northeast Regional Manager.  Since joining ICQ in 2013, Paul has proven to be a valuable asset, leading many different projects at various client sites.

With over thirty-five (35) years of professional experience, Paul has dedicated the last twenty years of his career to providing services in the life science industry. Prior to this this phase of his career, he spent seventeen (17) years working directly for manufacturing companies.

Paul is an accomplished Capital Project Manager with a solid understanding of project planning and execution, founded on a Chemical Engineering background.  He is skilled in cross-functional collaboration aimed at achieving business objectives while maintaining the highest standards of integrity and building lasting business relationships.

In his new role Paul will assist  the company Principals to manage the bulk of our company affairs.  In addition, he will lead major ICQ initiatives aimed at improving existing company business processes,  recruiting new talent,  provide career development coaching, and setting clear performance expectations.

Please join ICQ in welcoming Paul to his new role.


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